There are several ways to make videos more dynamic and engaging. As an innovative Atlanta video production company, we use different techniques to make sure our videos have a lasting impact on our audience. One of the ways that we do this is to make use of the aerial perspective in our shots.

Elements of an Aerial Perspective

Aerial, or atmospheric, perspective is not the same as a bird’s eye view of a landscape. An aerial perspective gives a shot depth rather than height. Seen from above (a bird’s eye view), a landscape will look flat and wide. An atmospheric perspective does just the opposite – it gives a landscape (or a sea scene) focus and definition.

To compose an aerial perspective, you need to have two sets of objects in one camera shot. The objects on the forefront will obviously look sharper and more detailed because of their proximity to the camera. They appear that way because they stand in contrast to distant objects that appear muted and subdued. The interplay of these two perspectives gives a shot added interest and dimension.

Choosing a Background

When choosing a location for your video, try to select one with elements that will add to the texture and character of your shot. Instead of shooting a subject against an empty sky, choose a background that will frame your shot and give it greater intensity.

However, do be careful of backgrounds that are too busy as these will distract rather than focus your viewer’s attention. Distant objects in an aerial perspective are meant to direct a viewer’s attention to the object at hand (the one closest to the camera), not distract them away from it.

Setting a Mood

Aerial videography can give your viewers a clear idea of the location of your video, and you can use it to set a mood for your video. Freedom, a future full of possibilities, excitement, new beginnings – all these things can be captured and conveyed with a single shot of a subject facing the horizon with the rays of the rising sun slowly bathing the distant shadowy hills with sunlight.

Used well, aerial perspective can be an effective video technique to give your shot depth and to help you set up a scene with the right mood.

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