It is easy to get lost in the virtual chaos and digital din that is the Internet. Infusing your corporate video with the unique personality of your company is a good way to stand apart from the crowd and give your business an edge.

Identify Your Personality

It is important to define a distinct and suitable persona or voice for your company from the beginning. After all, this will be the “face” that the public will see and relate to online. Keep in mind that this personality will likely influence your other online and real-world communications as well. This would include your company blog, your advertising and marketing efforts, etc. Therefore it is important to select a corporate personality that is dynamic and multifaceted so you can readily use it in many platforms.

It is also important to choose a persona that relates closely and accurately to your business or product. If you’re an insurance firm handling the portfolios of multi-million dollar international conglomerates, choosing the persona of Bozo the Clown for your corporate video is probably not a good idea.

Build Your Image

Once you have decided on an image or personality for your corporate video, use it as a jumping board for your other communication efforts. This will help your potential customers relate to your company in a more relaxed and familiar manner, thereby making them more likely to purchase your products or services.

Infusing your corporate video with personality does not necessarily mean having a spokesperson, although it can certainly include that. A video personality can also be created by the images and the sounds that you choose to include – or leave out.

Here at Optimum Productions we can sit down with you to help you select a personality for your corporate video that will bring out the best aspects of your business. As a highly-innovative and motivated Atlanta video production company, we produce videos that are dynamic and creative; videos that not only capture and reflect the essence of your company, but also communicate your brand clearly.

Call us the next time you need corporate video services in Atlanta. From beginning to end, we’ll make sure your personality shines through loud and clear.