Executive Producer

An Atlanta native, Danny discovered his passion for video production while volunteering as a missionary in Mexico. Later, his extensive career experience in the world of digital video creation with local production companies throughout Atlanta and North Georgia led him to found Optimum Productions, a full-service video production company, in 2007.

Maintaining a detailed vision for creative concepts while also having an insightful business and marketing sense, which he combines with strategic competitive analysis, gives Danny the unique ability to routinely exercise both his left and right brain equally on a daily basis for his Clients. His talents and accomplishments are unmatched in the Atlanta video production market.

The mission of Optimum Productions is a reflection of Danny’s personal mission in life, which is to not only to spur creativity and operate in a professional manner, but also to be actively involved and consistently present positive and meaningful messages for the betterment of our local community, and the world at large.

Danny has over 15 years experience in film & video production as well as marketing, and he currently hosts a regular industrial marketing podcast in the Optimum Productions studio.



Content Coordinator

Rica has a BA in Media & Communications and over ten years in video production. She’d lived in eight different cities around the United States before making Atlanta city #9. Her passion for storytelling has flourished at Optimum, where her skill set has expanded to include storyboarding, graphic design, and marketing management for an entire marketing platform.

Her joy comes from storytelling and teaching others: whether that be video editing, volunteering as a children’s teacher for BSF International, or even jumping into a game of Dungeons & Dragons. Additional random skills include poetry, singing alto or tenor, and brewing hot fresh espresso every chance she can get.