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Client testimonials are a vital part of building (and maintaining) a professional reputation as a business – and that goes for us here at Optimum, too! We also know that you probably prefer watching videos over reading text, which is why we made sure to ask them about the production experience with the cameras rolling. That way, you can put a face to the names! Learn how Vestra Logistics made $5M in revenue within the first two weeks of using their new videos–– or how was able to seamlessly transition their annual staff meeting into a hit virtual event during the Covid-19 pandemic!

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Guys, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for 3 great days of shooting. I was thoroughly impressed with all of you, your work and your work ethic. In LA we tend to have a preconceived notion that it can be challenging to find solid crew outside of Hollywood, but you guys blew that misperception out of the water! Any one of you would give any of the crew I work with in LA a run for their money. Next time I'm back in ATL I know who I'm calling, and I’ll be sure to recommend you all to anyone I know looking for crew out here.
We have used Optimum Productions several times over the last year and they have been an absolute pleasure to work with every time. They continually go above and beyond for us and always capture amazing footage, even when the conditions are less than ideal. We wouldn’t consider hiring anyone else for production work in the Atlanta area.
You guys put together a wonderful crew. Experienced. Talented. Fun to work with. Now I just have to find more clients that want to send me to Atlanta to shoot something. Thanks again.