LocumTenens.com is a temporary staffing firm for physicians and advanced practitioners across the country. The business started in 1995 with just a few people, and since then they’ve grown to nearly 600 associates.

Back in 2019, LocumTenens.com hired Optimum Productions to film a recruiting video to bring in potential employees; and internal videos to celebrate many of their longstanding staff.

As it turns out, those videos were only the beginning.


When the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in shutdowns across the United States, LocumTenens.com adapted a flexible work-from-home policy for their associates and continued their work. As a major source of staff networking in the medical field, theirs was most certainly an essential business.

Fortunately, despite their Alpharetta-based offices remaining closed, the company has still seen an influx of new recruits as a result of the recruiting video produced by Optimum as well.

But one of the (many) major obstacles brought on by the pandemic, however, was that LocumTenens.com could no longer host their entire staff on-site for their annual mid-year company meeting.

But the LocumTenens.com team was not to be daunted. Their company culture is electric and vibrant– definitely something to be proud of. They weren’t about to settle for a plain email newsletter or blog article instead.

Tara Freiberger, their Senior Marketing Manager, reached out to Optimum Productions in the hopes of reinventing this meeting in a world of social distancing.


Tara was admittedly apprehensive at first when the concept of a live broadcast was initially suggested by Optimum’s video marketing experts. But after seeing our live stream platform, and having also witnessed the effectiveness of Optimum’s previous productions for LocumTenens.com, she and her team agreed to move forward with the idea.

“Because of my confidence and their abilities on other projects, I just thought, ‘Let's give this a try and go for something we've never done before.’

“It's a little a little scary when you haven't done it before. So we were a bit apprehensive but put our full trust in these guys, who always deliver amazing quality products.”

It was decided that the event would be filmed and streamed from Optimum’s Atlanta video production studio. It would feature the LocumTenens.com CEO, Chris Franklin, front and center. Chris would address the company about the state of the pandemic, yes, but Tara and the other executives at the company also knew they wanted a more creative way to communicate that.

The team at Optimum knew just what to do.

At the very start of the virtual event, the livestream opened with a pre-recorded video which Optimum had filmed in anticipation with Chris. The video was short and simple: just showing Chris preparing and riding his bike. The narration covered all of the points that he needed to cover about the pandemic, but in a far more engaging and inspiring way.

Best of all, that video was even made in such a way that it could be used outside of the live event just as easily, too.


After the biking video kicked off the livestream, Chris addressed the company’s associates from the studio desk. He presented important company information, officiated live polls, and even drew names for staff prizes.

The staff of LocumTenens.com responded eagerly to the summons, too. Five hundred and fifty employees watched the livestream from beginning to end. The virtual event was filled with electricity, and even plenty of hilarity thanks to Chris’ naturally entertaining personality.

“They could feel the excitement and compassion and everything through the live event, which was what we were hoping for but weren't sure we were going to be able to obtain.”

The feedback's been great: that it was easy for everyone to log into; interactive; it was visual; it was entertaining. They were very impressed with the quality, the sound, the picture. Everything was… it felt like they were… It felt like our president was right in front of them, speaking.”

The virtual event was recorded for the sake of any associates who might have been unable to attend– but the vast majority were present for the historic day. No doubt many employees missed seeing Chris’ antics in person, but seeing him in high definition from the comfort of their own home was a pretty close substitute.

Regardless, until such time as almost 600 people can once again gather on the company’s campus for another yearly update, virtual events like this one are probably going to become a more regular part of life with LocumTenens.com. And fortunately, Tara and her team know exactly which production company to turn to for that.

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