Clients usually come to Optimum Productions with a specific purpose in mind for their Atlanta video production.  For instance, a client may want an overview video to serve as an identity piece, as a way to introduce the company on its website.  That’s a great start, but clients don’t realize that there are many ways to use that same video to maximize its value.

The following tips not only put that video to work for you, but they also serve as essential ways to market the video.   People think mistakenly that a video posted on YouTube will market itself.  A few extra steps will go a long way to get more people watching your video, so that it can accomplish all that you wanted it to do, and more.

1.  Give the video to your sales team.  They can use it to introduce your company when they contact prospective customers.  This can be done by including a link to the video in email communication from a salesperson, or as something to be played for the client during face-to-face meetings.

2.  Send the video in an e-mail newsletter campaign to generate leads and start new business relationships.  People are more likely to read a newsletter if there’s a fun “play” button enticing them to watch a short, engaging video presentation.

3.  Play the video at trade shows to draw people to your booth.  Watching a short video is a non-threatening way to break the ice, making it easier for someone to stop at your booth, out of all the others at the trade show.  A video quickly delivers essential information so that you and a prospective client can have a productive conversation from the start.

4.  Make the video the subject of a blog article and press release.  With this in mind, make sure to snap behind-the-scenes photos during production.  The lights and cameras convey a little piece of Hollywood, which make for great-looking photos.

5.  Post your video on social media — YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Those video production photos will come in handy for generating buzz on social media.  Instead of sounding like you’re making a sales pitch to your friends, you’ll have an angle that says “This is cool!  Take a look at this!”  Ask friends to “like” your video and forward it to their social circles.  You can reach a huge number of contacts this way.  Finally, when you post that video, include questions to invite comments.  You could even make a game of it.  Challenge your friends to find something in the video, such as the president of the company disguised as “an extra” in the background.

These are effective ways to present your video in a fun way on social networks, while having it also work hard for you in sales, on your website, and at trade shows.  You’ll find that just one video can go a long way to stretch your marketing dollars.

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