Savvy marketing professionals know the value of a good story. Explaining products, processes and weaving a valid reason a person should invest in them is a big reason marketing is on the payroll. Good story-telling can make the difference between a successful company and one that struggles or fails.

No product description or marketing strategy is as important as the biggest story of all. The company story!

Laying out your company’s story in an engaging and descriptive manner can attract clients and new vendors. The company story can also serve as a main gateway to recruiting top talent.

Even with multiple reasons to create a great company story, you may not know where to begin. To get started, ponder these five smart tips for articulating your company story.

1. Lay out a Company Timeline.

Examine the company from the beginning, and note interesting benchmarks. Sprinkle these throughout the story.

2. Write Down Why the Business is Unique.

Develop the company history by asking questions like “what makes us different from our competitors?” and “how do we stand out?” It may be an interesting start-up story, or something about the owner. Use the difference to make the company story interesting.

3. Involve the Company Leaders.

Company leaders are pivotal in the story. Engage them and ask them what the earlier challenges were, how they came up with the company idea, and what they see happening next. This part of the project will benefit greatly by hiring a corporate video production company to film the company leaders. Videos add an exciting element to the story as a whole.

4. Show Authenticity.

High brow, technical language is not appealing. Use language that is descriptive and easy to digest. People like a story they connect with, so include information that will speak to the reader, whether it’s the struggle with stiff competition, a favorite company charity or a quote by a long-term employee.

5. Edit! Edit! Edit!

Company stories should be full of enticing information, but still need to be short. Keep the story to a few paragraphs, including only the most interesting, engaging information.

Marketers can use these five tips to create a killer company story. Along with the written story, hiring a corporate video production company to record the story will give it a huge boost of exposure, and lead customers, vendors, and top talent to your door. Contact Optimum Productions today!

Image Source: Pixabay