In order to successfully use videos as marketing tools, businesses should strive to master and include five essential types of corporate videos on their website – videos that convey the company mission and product to their target audience.

1. Company Identity Video

The very first thing people see on your site should be a video that embodies the essence of your company. This video should be featured prominently on the homepage and contain a comprehensive overview of your company: whether that’s the history of your business, or an explanation of what you do and who you serve. As this is where you construct your company image, this video is the most important and should be inviting as well as informative. Keeping this video between one and two minutes is ideal: any longer and you could lose the viewer’s interest.

2. Product Demo Videos

For each of your key or best-selling products, you should have one corporate video that highlights the strengths of that product. Think of these videos as mini infomercials, each with a specific focus on just one product or service. More in-depth than a commercial, product demo videos show your product in action, demonstrating the problem they solve or the need they could fill for a potential client. In these videos you can go into some details about the different aspects of your product, and give customers a better idea of how a product works than a photograph alone.

3. Product Comparisons Videos

Much like product demo videos, these videos give your potential customers a basic overview of your product, as well as how they fare against competitors. Maybe your product is cheaper than a competitor’s but works just as well; or maybe your product just does a better job than any of its contemporaries. Either way, showing your product in comparison to another, similar product allows you to highlight its strengths and convey to viewers that it is the best choice for them. After all, seeing is (essentially) believing.

4. Instructional Videos

Nothing sells a product faster than a good old-fashioned tutorial. If your product has a learning curve for usage, “how-to” videos answer questions that potential customers may research before purchasing. With these corporate videos, you can get creative with editing, doing things such as including text for each step or bringing in an ideal member of that product’s target audience to demonstrate how they use the product.

5. Customer Testimonials

Testimonials are effective and persuasive success stories about how a customer used your product to overcome a challenge successfully. These videos are a testament to the quality of your product and your dependability as a brand, so don’t undervalue their importance. Beware of getting corny or sentimental and stick to the facts: that your product worked how it was supposed to, when it was supposed to. Specific examples work better in this instance than tons of vague high praise.

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