Want to know an insider secret on how to generate thousands of targeted leads for a fraction of what you spend on traditional advertising? Here’s a hint: You have to WATCH it – to believe it!

Every online marketing agency in the world understands the potential that video content has for boosting their clients’ sales and helping them establish long-term relationships with customers. Despite its ever-growing popularity and proven effectiveness, there are a few prevailing myths about video marketing that we’d like to dispel and stamp out for good.

1. “Video is far less important in search engine rankings than written content.” Not only is this belief outdated, it is gone forever. Google SERPs prioritize video results: pages with video are over 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results. In fact, the latest Google search algorithm update – Hummingbird – prizes “quality content” over keyword optimization. There is a greatly increased emphasis on the quality of video because of a variety of factors including “richness” of content, higher click-through rates, lower bounce rates, and longer dwell times.

2. “It costs too much to market with video.” You can go online right now and find everything you need to make a video and put together a basic layout for free. Video marketing can be as inexpensive or high-end as your budget allows. Of course, investing in professional production services like those offered by our Atlanta video editing company will ensure your videos will be custom-designed to meet your unique marketing objectives, ensure it includes quality production values, and stays highly focused on delivering results.

3. “I don’t know what my company’s video should be about.” Once you start researching what your competitors are doing, and thinking outside of the box about what you want your customers to know, we promise the ideas will start flowing. From company overviews, to client testimonials, to product demonstrations, the list of topics to cover via video is limitless. All you need to start brainstorming is to ask yourself, “What does my potential customer want to know, or need to understand, before making their buying decision?”

4. “I would never know whether my video was successful or not.” Video conversion rates can be analyzed and scrutinized as closely as any other traditional marketing strategies. There are a multitude of technologically-advanced analytic tools and resources available to determine the ROI of your videos, individually and as a short- or long-term campaign. In fact, compare a traditional ad campaign to an online video marketing campaign, and the ROI will likely be exponentially higher for online video.

There you have it: these myths are busted, and you now have the facts to help you get started on the path to success in the online video marketing arena. And to keep yourself motivated, remember that for every week or month you wait, your competitors may be jumping in and answering many of the same questions for your potential customer. Be the first one to grab the customer’s attention and share solutions they can use, and you will be well on your way to becoming a market leader in your industry.

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