Your marketing efforts are intended to reach people with your products and services, but are you going to where your customers are?  Now, more than ever, your customers are likely to be spending time on the internet — and watching videos.

Consider December 2012 alone, when 182 million U.S. internet users viewed 38.7 billion videos, as reported by Comscore.  Those users went primarily to Google as a video source, with Facebook coming in second.

Increasingly, your customers want to research consumer decisions in the comfort of their own homes. Part of that research is finding good video content.  By going online, they want to know who you are and what you do.  This is often a first step before they’ll even pick up the phone or go to your office.

Online video is your chance to engage new clients with dynamic and attractive video content that shows the value of your product or service.  Will new clients find good content from you — or your competitors?   There is a massive effort to engage users online, with video at the front lines in the fight for engagement.

Consider the field of real estate, where potential home buyers can view hundreds more houses online than in person.  This is preferable to making arrangements with an agent, getting into a car, driving to a home, walking through the house, and driving to the next prospective home.  In the same amount of time, they can look at a hundred houses online.  This pattern of consumer behavior, using the internet and video to make purchasing decisions, applies to a broad spectrum of services and products.

Your presence on the internet requires the power and engagement of video, and we can help.  Optimum Productions can make it easy for you to enter the world of Atlanta video production, whether your goal is to create your first video or develop a whole arsenal of videos to strengthen your ability to outshine competitors.