360° video curves and tilts just the same way our eyes see, and the camera pans just the way our heads move. Your visual senses and spatial awareness light up like never before with fully surrounding video, making you feel as if you are in the moment taking place.

Creative gurus have already utilized this technology to show us what it feels like to dive into an Indonesian coral reef or hang out next to a nucleus inside a cell. Viewers can enjoy the 360° experience on mobile by tilting their device, on their PCs by dragging the mouse or in real VR.

Brands that want to make the most of 360° video and virtual reality can use the following advice to increase their odds of having a resoundingly successful launch.

What Sort of Creative?

You will need to decide what kind of 360° video experience offers the best way to express your campaign messaging. Consider what your ideal audience would need to see to feel convinced that of the unmissable opportunity your business offers.

For our client RBM of Alpharetta Mercedes-Benz, putting people in the backseat of a GLE350 made sense because it allowed people to enjoy a test drive from their own couch. For a client that sells high-end real estate, offering 360° video of a home tour makes them feel like they are actually there, walking the floorboards. Others may wish to deliver an experience related to their product, such as a brewery showing the hop harvest for their beers taking place in the fall.

Maximize your video’s effect by zeroing in on digital experiences such as these that were once impossible until 360° video came along.

How to Ensure Compatibility for Your 360° Video

Since 360° video emphasizes immersion, brands must deliver frictionless experiences; else they risk “ruining the magic.”

For our RBM of Alpharetta launch, we knew that certain viewers would be better off visiting YouTube, whereas others may have better luck getting the Wistia version to work. To ensure that inbound audiences knew which version to pick and how to prepare for 360° video viewing, we utilized special landing pages that guided them through the process.

Your campaign will similarly need to reduce risk by controlling variables that can interfere with immersion. Specialized landing pages and crystal clear instructions help.

Marketing Your Video Successfully

In an ideal world, your 360° video concept will be so novel and enjoyable that people who never imagined needing your services end up watching and sharing. “Going viral” in this way means advertising for your campaign in a precisely targeted manner, optimizing exposures based on your most actionable audience segments.

This strategic marketing approach brought our Mercedes test drive videos an incredible success. Between Facebook ads and video pre-rolls, we got over 6.0k views just on social media. That number also keeps climbing!

Combining a winning concept with a controlled launch and a strategic marketing follow-up all increase chances of 360° campaign success. Get the help of video experts like Optimum Productions to ensure that your 360° video is not just made well, but that it provides the transformative experience it deserves to be.

Take a look at our GLE350 360° test drive campaign in full to learn what we can do for you, and then give us a call at (404) 445-6720 so we can get started on your 360° video today!