If you own your own business or play a role in your company’s marketing strategy, you might have heard of the outrageous statistics associated with posting video content. The numbers don’t lie, and videos are considered to be one of the most successful content marketing tactics. Here you will find three of the top reasons why video marketing is so successful, and why you should incorporate it into your business’s plans.

  1. Target Audience Is More Engaged

While you may think that it is your goal to attract as many potential customers as possible with your videos, you should really be more concerned with your target audience. No video has a viewership of 100 percent, which means that you should concentrate on the audience you are most likely to reach. When you readjust your focus to better suit this specific audience, your video can be more direct which can, in turn, engage your customers that much more.

During this short period of time when you have your audience’s undivided attention, you can promote certain products and services. As they are more engaged, it might be that these customers are more likely to invest in your business’s offerings. You can encourage this interaction as well by including surveys and links along with your video, which will allow for customers to do more than “hit play.”

  1. Video Marketing Is Highly Versatile

Nowadays, most people are walking around with mini-computers in their pockets which can access and display videos right on their screens. Even on the go, your target audience can view your video from their mobile device. As a result, video marketing is successful due, largely in part, to its ability to be posted on a multitude of platforms and viewed on nearly any device.

No matter what your current marketing plan is, videos can certainly be incorporated in order to amp up your strategies. For example, if you use an email marketing campaign, it has been suggested that videos can increase click-thru rates as much as 96 percent. Not to mention the fact that you can make a video of nearly anything pertaining to your business, which can bring in a crop of wildly different, yet still potential, customers.

  1. Videos Have the Human Touch

Simply put, videos are able to snag the attention of a larger audience because they cater our instinctive, human-responsiveness. Content is more effectively displayed through voice and emotion, which can hold the attention of a customer longer. Movement in the video keeps the watcher engaged, and is it likely that the audience trusts the speaker in a video more than they do written text. When you find your video-niche, results from your other content strategies may be blown out of the water.

Do you want to improve your business’s marketing strategy? At Optimum Productions, we can help you create a video marketing plan that will take your current plans into the stratosphere. If you’re interested in learning more about our video productions, feel free to reach out to us today.