A video testimonial for your company is part of doing good business. As a young and innovative video production company in Atlanta, we know how powerful testimonials are. They lend credibility to a company. When people visit your website and see ordinary people endorsing your products and services, they feel more comfortable about trying out what you have to offer as well.

1. Increase Your Exposure

A powerful testimonial can capture people’s attention. It becomes a story that your viewers want to share on social media.

If enough viewers share, it can actually increase your Google ranking and make your business easier to find online. In an extremely crowded market, this can be a big advantage for your business.

2. Present Important Information Creatively

Most people would prefer a video testimonial over text any day. Even if you have an easy-to-navigate website, people accessing information about a company nearly always gravitate towards any video options available. As long as the testimonials are done the right way (nothing overly-gushy, and no over-the-top endorsements), your viewers will feel like they’re talking to a trusted neighbor.

Testimonials by real people put your prospects at ease. They know you didn’t pay for this spokesperson– you earned their confidence! This enhances their contact and experience with your company, and will put you top of mind next time they need the products or services you offer.

3. Penetrate Popular Social Media Sites

If you already leverage social media for your business, post your testimonials there!

Not only will the client from the video probably share with their networ, but you’ll also reach a much larger potential market with their story. You can gain more followers and create a much wider awareness of your products and services.

A video testimonial is more than a product or service endorsement. It can be a powerful marketing tool that will drive traffic and business to your website. Here at Optimum Productions, we take pride in being a dynamic and innovative corporate video production company. If you need help with your video testimonial or any other video services in Atlanta, call us. We’ll be glad to help.