A professional video production is a great way to engage new clients on the internet.  But the worldwide web is a big place.  If you want to boost the marketing power of your internet video, here are three easy ways to provide “clues” so that those search engines can find it.

First, create an interesting title that serves as your video’s headline.  While it should create interest, it should also be straightforward enough to be indexed properly.  Include keywords earlier in the title, with your company name or other forms of branding at the end.

I recently visited the front page of YouTube and came upon a clip from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  The clip’s title was “Ben Affleck talks Parenting Stories, Talks Batman.”

If the title had been less descriptive, such as “Ben Affleck, Guest on Late Night,” I wouldn’t have been interested.  But the reference to parenting stories piqued my interest because I have small children.  And the reference to Batman was helpful because I like action flicks.

With no prior intention of doing so, I clicked on that Ben Affleck video.  A few laughs later, you can guess what I did next.  I clicked on another video clip from the same show.

After enjoying that second video, my next thought was “…maybe my husband and I could watch this show together sometime after the kids are tucked away for the night.”  See how a catchy title can help?  It unexpectedly sold the video to this viewer, and before I knew it, I was willing to give the show a try.

Second, spend a few minutes typing up tags, or descriptive keywords, that are most likely to be used as search terms.  If this is a first video with others to follow on the same topic, service, or product, the good news is that you can use a set of standard tags and not have to reinvent the tags every time.

The tags should include a mix of both general and specific terms.  Brainstorm for as many touch points as possible, so that you have enough tags to describe the video thoroughly and accurately.

For instance, if you have an overview video for a company that makes chairs for sale or rental, include all the different product names and styles of chairs that you make.  Also include different types of events that might require your product.

Some terms might seem to have a tenuous connection at first, but they are still helpful to include.  For instance, your video about chairs could include tags related to the wedding industry.  This is a way to reach someone who is planning a wedding reception and needs hundreds of chairs that you can provide.

Third, write a detailed description of what the viewer can expect to watch.  The description should include key words consistent with your SEO strategy.  The more details, the better.  An easy way to draft a complete description is to summarize the action and dialogue of the video from start to finish.

Finally, the description should include a link that goes directly to your website.  The link makes it easy for those who might lose interest if they had to do a separate search for your company.  Include your company name, telephone number, and email contact as well.

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