2018 is already over!? What an intense year! We definitely weren’t expecting as busy or productive a year as we had…but we hope you enjoyed yours as much as we did ours! It definitely revealed some of our best content yet!

Before we dive into 2019 head-first, let’s take a moment to breathe and review the 2018 fourth quarter.

Our first episode was actually a double-whammy: it was a recording of our “Secrets of Sales and Marketing” discussion panel at the Georgia Manufacturing Summit!

Danny was joined by Judson Voss, Malika Givens, and Craig Henry to hear about their past experiences as marketers or sales representatives for companies that sometimes struggle with transitioning into digital techniques. It was an absolute blast!

Our second guest of the quarter was Anise Madh, CEO of Leanswift, who spoke with us about why eCommerce is so important for manufacturers…and also how it doesn’t hurt distributors as much as people fear it might!

Our third guest of the semester was Mo Bunnell, author of “The Snowball System.” He explained the value of using thinking profiles in the sales process to communicate with clients more effectively.

Everybody has a different way of thinking, and Mo’s findings are always enlightening!


One of the most fascinating chats we had this quarter was with Chris Handy of Drift, who told us about how Drift’s business model, based entirely on customer feedback, led to the development of some of the world’s most popular chatbot software!

Rather than replacing salespeople, Chatbots supplement the sales process and help educate leads who aren’t yet ready to commit without learning more about your business.

And last (but never least), Daniel Loeschen of MXD Process came all the way back down from Kentucky to visit us and talk shop about eCommerce!

While his company may have gotten into the game early, he had great advice for skeptics who may not want to sell thousand-dollar B2B products online. He also shared great tips for beginners as well, and explained that it’s always best to start small and then scale the process once you know it’s working.

So what’s next for IndustrialSage in 2019?

Well, we don’t want to spoil anything…but our survey of sales and marketing representatives from manufacturing companies turned up some really incredible data! If you were one of the participants, don’t worry: we’ll be sending you the results very, very soon.

In the meantime, Happy New Year!


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