Online marketing tools have come a long way since their humble beginnings. Customers have become increasingly sophisticated and immune to traditional marketing techniques, which is why marketers have to become more sophisticated right along with them. Your marketing campaign should both serve to bring in new customers, and to support the customer experience to make sure you get repeat business.

Although there are many great marketing tools at your disposal, there is only one that is set to explode in 2016: video marketing. Find out why 2016 will be the year of video marketing, and why you should hire a video production firm to create unique video marketing content.

Target Specific Goals with Video Marketing

Employing video marketing to help grow your business is not a panacea—you won’t suddenly become a Fortune 500 company thanks to a single two-minute clip. However, employing video as part of your marketing campaign can complete specific objectives that will put you on the path to growth.

For example, if you want to drive more traffic to your website, hosting a video makes it more likely to appear on the first page of internet search results. Additionally, customers are much more likely to share your site on social media if there is interesting video content instead of walls of text.

Increase Your Memorability

Probably the number one key in a successful marketing campaign is memorability. You probably don’t remember a single ad that you’ve read in a magazine or newspaper, but it’s a guarantee that there are hundreds of commercials and online videos that you can recall with perfect clarity.

Most people are vision-based learners, which makes it much more likely that your product or business will stick when you feature video marketing. A skillfully-made, entertaining video will be hard for your customers to forget, and may even encourage them to point other people to your business, increasing your visibility and the likelihood of growth.

Avoid Being Outpaced by the Competition

Every good business owner knows that the marketplace is all about competition, and this is particularly true when it comes to video marketing. Your competition is almost certainly already using video marketing for their business, simply for the fact that video streaming is poised to explode in the near future. A website without video feels archaic to most modern consumers, and this feeling can translate to lost business and decreased revenue. If you don’t want the marketplace to leave you behind, now is the time to develop a video marketing campaign for your business.

Hire a Video Production Firm

2016 is positioned to be the year when video marketing takes over as the premier tool to increase business visibility and attract new customers. Any business that doesn’t jump on this exciting strategy risks being left behind by more forward-thinking companies. If you want to update your business with a video marketing campaign, then you need to hire a top-quality video production firm like Optimum Productions to help.

Optimum Productions offers a wide variety of video creation services to help put your business on the cutting edge of marketing. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.